Author Andres Lopez

20 Apr

How To Fix Roof Ponding

If you have a flat roof then you already know what the most common problem for flat roofs is. Ponding. Sometimes it’s easy to think that all ponding is bad but if you have sitting stagnate water after a rainstorm for 12-36 hours and then dissipates that is completely normal. However, if the water is still […]

10 Apr

Warehouse Roofing Options in Los Angeles

What Type of Warehouse Roofing Will Work for You? Why do companies build (or buy) warehouses? Typically it’s to store items that they believe to be important, whether that be paperwork, raw materials, or tools and equipment. Given the significance that they assign to these items, it’s no surprise then that businesses dedicate extensive resources […]

21 Mar

Why Los Angeles Businesses Are Choosing Roof Coatings

There is not much about commercial buildings that is more important to their longevity than their roofs. The ever-shining sun that people love so much in Southern California can take its toll on a roof’s surface, so protection is extremely important when planning the overall maintenance of any commercial or industrial building. When it comes […]

13 Mar

Best Roofing Options in Los Angeles

Throughout the Los Angeles area, buildings with flat roofs are the norm for commercial or industrial structures. However, you might also find them on apartment complexes, churches or multi-family homes. That’s because they are inexpensive to build and, if installed properly, have a relatively long life. But despite their ubiquity, flat roofs carry some challenges. […]

21 Feb

10 Roof Repair Tips For Commercial Buildings

Roof problems can be a serious issue for any facility, but with some careful precautions and routine maintenance, the potential roof trouble can be greatly reduced. Here’s your complete guide to roof repair—how to prevent it, how to determine whether you need it, and what to do during the process. 1. Maintenance First of all, […]

15 Feb

Skylight Leak Repair Tips

5 Simple Skylight Leak Repair Tips Skylights are wonderful additions that provide natural light and really open up your space. However, they are also potential weak spots in your roof. When the rain comes to town, it could lead to leaks. When this happens, Central Roofing Company is ready to assist with your skylight leak […]

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