Why Are Commercial Roofs Flat in Los Angeles?

why commercial roofs are flat in los angeles

When you look at most of the commercial roofs around Los Angeles, you will see that most of them are flat. This is in stark contrast to residential homes that generally have slopes. While it might not seem like too much of a big difference, there are several reasons why many business owners typically opt for a flat roof. If you own a commercial or industrial property yourself, then you should certain look into this variety.

Lower Costs

Generally speaking, flat roofs and accompanying coatings cost much less than a sloped roof. Part of the reason comes down to the fact that fewer materials have to be used. With a slope, a roof would be slightly longer than if it had simply been flat. For business owners looking to remain within a budget, a flat commercial roof can be the way to go.

More Space

Particularly large commercial buildings have to have heavy-duty heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment. These items could not be put on a sloped roof, and there may be no room on the ground for them. A flat roof gives a business additional space to keep these items, so they are out of the way. Additionally, certain pieces of equipment can get incredibly noisy, but if they are on the roof, then they will not bother anyone.

Compliance With Building Codes

When you get a sloped roof installed, the building itself needs to be taller than it actually needs to be. You may need to keep your commercial building under a certain height to keep it in compliance with Los Angeles building codes. You will need to check with your specific area to see how tall your property can be.

Same Features

A big concern with flat commercial roofs property owners have is whether it will drain water or simply allow it to accumulate. You will need to get a drainage system installed so that rainwater can be removed efficiently. However, even though it is referred to as flat roofing, it does come with a slight slope. It is only about two percent, but it is enough to move water so that it can be drained properly.

At the end of the day, a flat roof simply looks better on a commercial property. Whether you own a hospital, apartment complex or industrial center, you will want an aesthetically-pleasing roof replacement, so call us at 310-527-6770 to learn more about what Central Roofing can do for your business.

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