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Central Roofing Company is one of the top roofing companies in California. We excel in providing high-quality apartment roofing in Los Angeles or Orange County.  We’ll assist you by undertaking your next apartment roof project by finishing it on schedule and within budget.

Los Angeles Apartment Roofing Contractors

As the owner of a multi-family housing unit in Los Angeles, you require reliable professionals who can help with your repair or installation needs. At Central Roofing we use only the top apartment roof materials to get your roof in top shape and last decades.

When it comes to apartments or condos you can expect prompt and peerless service from our roofers regardless of your preferred style. We provide timely and comprehensive service to get your roofing project done right and on time. 

Featured Projects

Featured Project

Alhambra Townhomes HOA

Location: Alhambra, CA

Customer: Alhambra Townhomes HOA

Project Size: 44,000 Sq. Ft.

Roofing System: Tropical #924 Silicone Coating Restoration

Warranty: 20 Years

Orange County Apartment Roofing Contractors

At Central Roofing, we strive to provide you with quality workmanship and timely service. We understand how important your roof is for the safety and well-being of every resident in your building. That’s why we have locations spread throughout the region including Orange County

We specialize in multi-family housing, apartment, and condo roofing across the entire Greater Los Angeles and Orange County area so that you can count on us when it matters most!

Cool Roof Coating Experts

We have done over 30 million square feet of cool roof coatings in Los Angeles and Orange County. When you want to save money on energy bills while increasing the life of your current roof structure, call the commercial roofers at Central Roofing Company

Not sure what a cool roof is?


To keep things short, it’s a type of liquid-applied roofing that generally comes in two forms: Acrylic Coatings and Silicone Coatings. It’s considered a “cool” roof because they have been determined to save energy by reflecting the sunlight, in turn reducing the heat inside the building. Thus saving you money on energy bills and increasing the life of your existing roof structure.

Our Apartment Roofing Services

As an experienced apartment roofing company, our firm seeks to offer comprehensive apartment roofing services. This versatility enables us to undertake a variety of projects on behalf of our clients. Consider requesting these services:

Commercial Roofing Contractor CEO


As an experienced and licensed commercial roofer, our family-owned and operated company appreciates the importance of superb quality. A sound roof protects your investment in your real estate.


It often means the difference between ongoing repair issues with a variety of building systems and achieving a dry, comfortable premise for tenants. Depending upon the architecture of the apartment complex or development, we offer either repairs or roof coating systems.

Gardena Roof Leak Repair

Serving L.A. and Orange County Area
Apartment Buildings Since 1992

Customers across the Los Angeles Metro Area and Orange County have come to rely upon our company’s apartment roofing services. Our commercial roofing contractor work not only in Los Angeles County but in Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County as well.  Based in Gardena, we spend much of our time in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our Clients - Los Angeles Apartment Roofing

  • ADR Properties
  • Agora Realty
  • Aim Property Services
  • Alhambra Townhomes
  • Alliance Commercial Partners
  • Allwest Management
  • American Capital
  • B&C Properties
  • Bayco Financial
  • BCA Investment
  • Bond Construction
  • Californian Apartments
  • Chadron Apartments
  • Champion Group
  • Contech Asset Management
  • Edison Capital Housing
  • Equity Management
  • Essential Management
  • F.H. Paschen
  • Fairfield Properties
  • Gafcon Development
  • Gran Maison HOA
  • Gorham Manor Apartments
  • Grankol Properties
  • Greenwood Management
  • Greystone Management
  • Grimmway Management
  • Hanes Properties
  • Harbor Terrace Apartments
  • Hoag Property Management
  • Hollyview Apartments
  • Icon Realty Services, Inc
  • Irvine Apt. Communities
  • Jenkins Family Trust
  • Klingbeil Management
  • Laguna Del Rey Apartments
  • Lee Arce Development
  • Lewis Homes
  • Lomco Management
  • Long Realty & Investments
  • Management Emporium
  • Mark IV Capital
  • Mike Cochran
  • Monterey Group
  • Moss & Company
  • North Oak Property Management
  • Ozar-Zelzah Apartments
  • Palos Verde Villa
  • Park Glenn Apartments
  • PCS Management
  • Philipson Business Properties
  • PM Realty Group
  • Pursche Properties
  • Ramaker Realty & Investments
  • RCMI
  • Rediger Investments
  • Remco
  • Ritz Properties
  • Robbie Franklin
  • Roxbury Management
  • Sevilla Apartments
  • Shadetree Apartments
  • STC Management
  • Stevenson Management
  • Surety Property Management
  • Telok Property Management
  • The Brewery Artist Lofts Los Angeles
  • The Davidson Group
  • The Kutzer Group
  • The Pacifica Company
  • Via Dolce HOA
  • Vida Hollywood Apartments
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