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Los Angeles Skylight Installation

No matter if you’re looking to install new skylights or just replace your old ones. Central Roofing Company’s commercial roofing services include skylights, which means we will not only evaluate the condition of existing skylights or evaluate your roof to install new ones and make recommendations based on code requirements and your daylighting plans.

Commercial Skylight Services in Gardena, CA

Orange County Skylight Installation

With over 3o years of commercial roofing experience and offices not only in Los Angeles but in Orange County as well, we provide our clients with the best commercial roofing services in the market.


Skylight installation has to be done correctly as oftentimes skylights are the source of flat roof leaks, so don’t hesitate to call one of the most experienced commercial roofing companies in California. 

  • We install commercial skylights by Sunoptics and Kingspan*. All are Title-24 compliant because they meet NFRC certified ratings. *Skyco and Bristolite are part of Kingspan*.
  • Our installation techniques ensure a watertight seal around your dome skylight for the duration of your warranty.
  • We also install rooftop vents that automatically open to release smoke and heat in the event of a fire. All vents are UL listed and FM approved.
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Make the Case for Daylighting (Skylighting)

Daylighting (Skylighting) is a term you will hear commercial roofing contractors use when describing the energy saving benefits of a skylight installation. Broadly speaking, daylighting (skylighting) harnesses the sun’s natural light to replace electric lights inside buildings which in turn reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

Below are 7 reasons why you should be Daylighting your commercial or industrial building.

  1. 1Reduces electricity usage for lights.
  2. 2Reduces cooling costs by minimizing heat from light sources.
  3. 3Directs more of the transmitted light to the work place without glare, hot spots or UV damage to merchandise or furnishings.
  4. 4Improves occupant comfort, productivity, attendance, satisfaction, and performance.
  1. 5Improves building aesthetics
  2. 6Offers strong ROI. Savings can range from approximately 50 cents per square foot to 75 cents per square foot (based on the building type, location, operation and local cost of energy).
  3. 7Supports best practices in energy efficiency and industry standards. For example, California’s Title 24 energy code encourages daylighting controls.

Do you know the potential energy savings of a skylight that blocks infrared and ultraviolet light with little affect on visible light transmission? Contact us to get the answer from our Daylighting specialists.

Request a Free Estimate to Install Roof Skylights

Central Roofing Company welcomes you to request pricing for a skylights installation on your commercial or industrial roof. One of our skylighting specialists will follow up with your online request. Or call us at (310) 527-6770 Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM.