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Los Angeles, CA : A properly maintained commercial roof in the Greater Los Angeles Area often surpasses expectations – in other words, exceeds its intended useful life. Immediately repairing a damaged roof will significantly extend the life of your current roof.


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Proactively maintained roofs last an average of 21 years compared to 13 years for reactively maintained roofs. It also saves about 11 cents per square foot a year. More than 80 percent of all roofs are replaced prematurely because of problems that occur before they reach their anticipated lifespan (source: Roofing Contractor).

Commercial Roof Maintenance


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Be Proactive with Roof Maintenance & Repairs

Many commercial building owners and property managers in the Greater Los Angeles Area are not aware of roof problem issues until they experience a leaking roof.

Central Roofing Company can help get your commercial roof to stop leaking with our roof repair service as quickly as possible.

You can trust us to provide a systematic approach to evaluate your building’s entire roof system, even if it was installed, maintained or repaired by a different company.

First, our estimators will inspect and propose a solution to an immediate problem.

Second, our skilled technicians will follow up and repair the problem by taking appropriate preventative measures so that the problematic roof leaks do not reoccur.

Our Custom Tailored Preventative Maintenance Service, Annual Maintenance Program and/or corrective roof repairs can postpone the inevitable – a complete re-roof or restoration.

We will present a proactive roofing strategy to address both short-term and long-term roofing needs depending on your particular situation and budget considerations.

Preventative Roof Maintenance Checklist

Taking the time to check the health of your commercial roof can make all the difference. If we catch a problem early enough, you can reduce the expense of paying for a more costly roof repair like a roof replacement.

Our roofing contractors follow this checklist for customers who sign up for roof maintenance.

  • Roof Leaks
  • Dirt/Debris
  • Drains
  • Field Membrane
  • Ponding
  • Parapet Walls
  • Coping Metal
  • Pipe & Vent Flashings
  • HVAC/Mechanical Curbs
  • Skylights
  • Site Screen Supports
  • Solar Panels

Creating a safe work environment is a top priority at Central Roofing Company. Our skilled technicians attend monthly safety meetings conducted by a third-party safety compliance company to insure safety standards.

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