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Los Angeles Cool Roof Coatings

Los Angeles, CA: Commercial cool roof restoration (aka commercial cool roof coatings) can be a smart alternative to a tear-off provided the flat or low-slope roof is a good candidate. When Los Angeles & Orange County needs a commercial cool roof coating they call the commercial roofing contractors here at Central Roofing Company!

During the complimentary estimate, Central Roofing Company will determine if your existing roof is a prime candidate for a roof coating application. 

Not only that. Being that there are two coating materials that are used for the commercial roof systems. Acrylic and Silicone Coatings. Both commercial cool roof coatings meet Title-24 compliance. BUT there are pros and cons for both cool roof coatings that you’ll have to consider before deciding.  Our flat roofing experts will rundown the pros and cons for both along with our best recommendation. 

Orange County Cool Roof Coatings

Although we are headquartered in Gardena, Los Angeles, we have offices spread throughout the region including Orange County. Orange County commercial property managers, building owners, and facilities managers rely on Central Roofing to get their roofing projects done right and on budget. Our team is experienced in all the different types of commercial roofing membranes. Including TPO, PVC, Modified Bitumen, and Built-Up Roofing Systems. FREE OF CHARGE our team of experts will evaluate your roofing system and determine which cool roof coating is the right fit for your building. 

F.A.Q Commercial Roofing

Before vs. After a Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial Coating Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration

Mattel contracted with us for an industrial roof project in October 2005. This 172,800 square foot roof restoration was completed in 31 crew days.


The Cool Roof Coating Restoration Process

  • Over 30.2 Million Sq Ft Of Cool Roof Coating Applications 

  • Industry-Leading Warranties

  • Ultra-Fast Turnaround Time

Roof Preparation

Not to be overlooked, roof preparation is the correction of roof issues prior to installation of the new coating system. This is a critical step to insure a quality installation that will maximize the useful life of the new roof.

step1 roof preparation

Job walk with Central Roofing, Customers to discuss logistics of installation and safety.

step1 roof prep reinforce

Remove dirt, leaves, loose gravel at base flashing of parapet walls, foreign matters, debris, etc. from drains and waterways on an as needed basis.

step1 roof rep reinforce pondways
DRAINS: Remove existing roof membrane and drain assembly as required. Clean and prime drain all metal. Install #28 base sheet and modified bitumen roof membrane. Reseal drain with white flashing grade or microfibers and silicone as required. Modified Bitumen, a twenty-year material, is a blend of atactic polypylene polymer mixed with high grade asphalt, reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat.
step1 4

FIELD: Inspect field membrane for fractures, loose seams or blisters and repair with modified bitumen roof membrane, white flashing grade or microfibers and silicone as required.

step1 5

PONDING: Supply and install modified bitumen roof membrane at severe ponding areas as required.

step1 6

PIPES AND VENTS: Seal pipes and vents with flashing grade or microfibers and silicone as required.

Apply Emulsion & Polyester Reinforcement

The combination of applying layers of asphalt emulsion and polyester reinforcement forms a new, seamless, water-proof membrane over the existing roof and areas reinforced by Modified Bitumen.

step2 apply emulsion

COPING METAL: Resecure loose coping metal and refasten joints on an as need basis. Reseal joints with white flashing grade or microfibers and silicone as required.

step2 cover skylights during emulsion

HVAC/MECHNICAL EQUIPMENT/SKYLIGHT CURBS: Reseal A/C curbs with modified bitumen roofing membrane, flashing grade or microfibers and silicone as required.

step2 let polyester layer dry

PRESSURE WASHING: Pressure wash repair area prior to silicone topcoat application.

Apply White Elastomeric Top Coat

After 1 or 2 days of curing, the roof is ready for the white elastomeric top coat to be spray applied directly to the polyester reinforcement. After curing, you have an Energy-Star rated, Title-24 compliant Cool Roof that can dramatically reduce surface temperature and help reduce cooling costs.

step3 apply top coat

Apply one coat of TROPICAL #918B PRIMER at the rate of approximately 1.0 - 1.5 gallons per 100 sq.ft. over entire roof surface.

step3 top coat finished
Apply one coat of TROPICAL #924 ETERNA-SIL PREMIUM SILICONE ROOF COATING at the rate of approximately 2.0 gallons per 100 sq.ft. Tropical #924 Silicone Roof Coating (Energy Star approved, CRRC rated and California Title 24 compliant) is a high performance, solvent free, high solids, single component, moisture cure liquid applied silicone coating. Allow to cure.
step3 top coating around hvac

Detail around roof structures.

Modified Bitumen is a blend of atactic polypylene polymers mixed with high grade asphalt, reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat. The expected useful life of this material is 20 years. Modified Bitumen is the replacement technology for the old Mineral Capsheet (Hot Mop) technology.

13 Reasons to Get a Cool Roof

Applying a white elastomeric topcoat (aka Commercial Cool Roof Coating) to your roof building has numerous advantages over a conventional roof. Roof restoration coating systems comprise approximately 65% of today’s commercial roofing needs. They are more cost-effective than traditional means of re-roofing.

Here are 13 reasons why getting a cool roof makes sense beyond the obvious energy and cost savings:

  1. 1Minimal inconvenience as there is no need to tear-off existing roofing membrane.
  2. 2Eliminates need to replace insulation which would be costly.
  3. 3Lightweight. Additional layers may be added at a future date which can extend the useful life.
  4. 4Water-based, non-flammable, and odorless.
  5. 5Seamless, encapsulating the existing roofing membrane.
  6. 6Superior water proofing qualities.
  7. 7Extremely flexible with strong elongation properties.
  1. 8Polyester mat(s) provides superior tensile strength.
  2. 9Maintains your current fire rating.
  3. 10Emulsified asphalt deteriorates at a slower rate than hot asphalt-based roof systems.
  4. 11Materials are environmentally friendly with very low VOCs.
  5. 12Energy Efficient and Title-24 Compliant. Research has shown a substantial savings.
  6. 13Potential tax benefits.

Manufacturer Affiliations

Central Roofing Company is proudly affiliated with these manufacturers of commercial roof products designed to surpass industry standards. We determine what product to use based on your particular needs. Each product comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Cool White Elastomeric Roof Coatings:

  • APOC
  • Tropical

Asphalt Shingle or Composition Shingle:

  • Malarkey
  • Owens Corning
  • Tamko
  • Certainteed
  • GAF

Torch Modified or Modified Bitumen:

  • Polyglass