Single Ply Roofing Systems

All About Single Ply Roof Systems

Single ply roofing provides durability, strength, and flexibility. These commercial roofing membranes are manufactured from compounded synthetic materials according to high quality control standards. They can be formed to add seamless protection to any roof. As a roofing contractor in Los Angeles since 1992, Central Roofing Company has the experience and expertise needed to provide top quality single ply roofing. If you are a property manager or owner, learn how this roofing system could benefit you.

Advantages of Single Ply Roofs

Single ply roofs come with many benefits for property owners and business owners. These pre-fabricated elastomeric sheets can be attached with various methods, have consistent quality, and have a broad range of applications. Given the versatility, durability, and practicality of this roofing system, many property managers and owners find that this is the ultimate roofing solution to meet their needs.

Different Single Ply Products

These are the main types of single ply roofs:

Thermosets: Thermoset membranes are comparable to the composition of butyl rubber while having better weather resistance. It also defends against diluted mineral acids, corrosive chemicals, and vegetable oils. Reinforced and plain styles are available.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC roofs are thermoplastic and offer resistance to weathering, alkalis, acids, and several chemicals. The sheets are reinforced and are available in tan, gray, and white colors.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO): TPO sheets contain pigments, flame-retardants, fillers, and UV stabilizers. This system is reinforced and effective at resisting chemicals. TPO is typically mechanically fastened and is available in white.

Which One Should You Get?

Choosing a single ply membrane depends on many factors, perhaps the most important one being cost. While cost is important, this shouldn’t be the defining basis of your decision. You should consider wind exposure, building height, aesthetics, and anticipated traffic on the roof.

Installation Techniques

Installing single ply systems can be accomplished in three different ways:

Fully Adhered: Adhesives secure the single ply membrane to the roofing structure. The adhesive may be water-based, solvent-based, or asphalt. This method causes the finished surface to be smooth and is preferable to those who want attractive aesthetic surfaces.

Mechanically Fastened: Mechanical fasteners anchor the membrane to the deck. This is typically used on wood and steel roofs of all kinds of slopes.

Our team is fully trained and certified to perform all single-ply roofing responsibilities.

It’s Time for a Better Roof

Your property deserves to be protected from UV radiation by a durable and flexible roofing system. Reach out to us by calling (310) 527-6770 or filling out our submission form. We will answer any questions you have about our services and provide you with a free estimate.

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