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Central Roofing fixed a bunch of leaks on our building. They did an excellent job. This last rain storm put it to the test everything I had had... read more

alex zadro Avatar alex zadro
January 27, 2023

Brandon is amazing, very responsive and on time.

Tony Sedler Avatar Tony Sedler
January 27, 2023

The most common question we hear is, “Does it matter if the roof is older than the solar panels to be installed?”

Absolutely! We can’t stress enough the importance of making sure the existing roofing system, or the proposed roofing system, has the same longevity as the newly installed solar panels. Otherwise, the expense of removing the panels to repair or replace the roof can be extremely costly and unnecessary.

  • Our knowledgeable estimators conduct a complete roof inspection before your solar panel contractor begins the installation.
  • We assess the condition of your roof structure and identify any problems that could harm a solar panel installation.
  • If we discover problems, we perform the necessary remedies such as a roof replacement, restoration or repair.
roof solar panel installation 01

Air Treatment Corp

Tropical 20-Yr NDL 2-ply polyester white coating system completed prior to a solar panel installation.

roof solar panel installation 02

Lynns Regent

15-Yr 3-ply polyester white coating system completed before solar panels were installed.

roof solar panel installation 03

20th Century Fox

An energy efficient coating system finished in advance of a solar panel installation.