Determining Why Your Flat Roof Is Leaking

why is my flat roof leaking

Few things are more frustrating than learning you have a leak in your flat roof. The situation can be even worse if you aren’t quite sure why you have a leak in the first place. Central Roofing is here to help Los Angeles business owners find out more about why their flat roofs are leaking and how they can find the source of the leak.

Why Flat Roofs Leak

One reason you might have sprung a flat roof leak is your flashing has come undone. It’s flashing that connects the membrane of your roof to a chimney or plumbing stack. Inspect your flashing to see if there are any cracks or any other indications it’s come undone. The same principle applies to the seams of your roof.

You might also have a low spot on your roof, which can cause water to puddle. Indications of such puddles can be seen even when it hasn’t rained in awhile. Looks for dirt rings where puddles have dried up and compare them with the leaks inside your building.

Finding the Source of the Leak

First, clear off your roof so you can get a clear view of everything; sometimes, it’s easy to spot the reason for your leak. If your roof has plumbing vent collars, they might be cracked, which can allow water inside. There’s also a chance your roof had caulking applied to it in the past, which is possible if you weren’t the first to reside in your commercial building. Finally, you can grab a garden hose and spray a layer of water on your roof and have someone inside tell you when and where the leak appears.

Once you’ve found the source of the leak, be sure to get in touch with a professional roofing company to have the issue taken care of. It’s always better to take care of such problems sooner rather than later.

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