How To Plan For Winter Roof Repair

repair your roof before winter rain

A roof can last approximately 20-100 years depending on shingle type. However, it’s essential to inspect it after every severe period of rain. If you notice a problem that warrants a consultation for roof repair, Central Roofing is here to assess the matter and give you straightforward feedback about solving it. There are several reasons to consider getting your roof repaired in the fall instead of waiting until the winter.

Tackle Roof Issues Before Winter’s Rains

In Los Angeles, we’re lucky enough not to have the snow and ice that make things difficult for many areas of the country during what’s typically the coldest segment of the year. However, extensive rainfall does make winter wet, and rain roof damage can be very costly to repair — especially if you procrastinate getting it fixed. Roof repairs done in the fall help protect the premises from winter dampness that could cause mold and mildew.

Shingles Need Time to Seal

The shingles on commercial roofs are constantly subjected to the elements. Getting your roof restored in autumn allows enough time for the shingles to seal fully before winter hits. When shingles adhere properly to a roof, they form an airtight and moisture-resistant barrier. They’re also not as likely to come loose if any of the winter rains in Los Angeles also include strong winds.

Existing Leaks Get Worse in the Winter

If you’ve identified trouble spots on your roof that warrant repairs, the problems are likely to only get worse when winter comes. Even small holes could become more substantial if the surface area is constantly damp from rainfall.

Winter Roof Problems Cause Inconveniences for People Who Use the Building

Perhaps you’re the property manager of an apartment building that’s home to over 100 families, or you handle maintenance for one of the churches in your community that regularly welcomes large numbers of congregation members every Sunday. Be mindful of the people who rely on the building for their needs when you decide how and when to deal with roof problems.

Delayed repairs could exacerbate existing structural damage or allow moisture to ruin possessions inside the building. Waiting too long to get things fixed could mean relocating people who live on the premises or having to cancel events until further notice, both of which could cause stress and loss of income.

As you can see, now is a great time to prioritize a roof repair on your commercial structure. Contact us and schedule your free estimate today.

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