6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Skylight

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Skylights are back in style and for good reason! Natural light is all the rage; it lowers energy bills, is more eco-friendly, and provides beautiful aesthetics and views to any home.

Skylights also offer us direct access to the outdoors as some skylights are able to be opened to let in much-needed fresh air.

Regardless of the benefits skylights provide us at times they need upkeep. Skylights, much like any home fixture, have their downfalls and maintenance needs.

We love our homes and we love our skylights. We invest good money into both and to protect our investment we have to know when it’s time to upgrade. But first, we must know the signs to look for which demonstrate that our skylights need to be replaced.

Read on to learn all about the top 6 signs that it’s time for a skylight replacement.

Top 6 Signs It’s Time for a Skylight Replacement

1. Staining

Staining around the skylight could indicate that it needs to be replaced. Staining occurs when water or moisture is allowed to leak through the skylight’s structure and settles into the surrounding ceiling and drywall. A leak could at first be minor but then worsen over time.

These water stains can be light yellow to dark brown. In more severe cases, staining may result in black mold which is harmful to your health.

2. Discoloration

As a skylight window ages, its clarity can be replaced with discoloration. Discoloration will appear as murky or yellow. These discolorations may point to a larger problem with the skylight structure or they could be a result of old age.

Either way, discoloration detracts from the purpose of a skylight which is to provide a clear pathway for sunlight to enter your home. Unless you enjoy less natural light in your home, then it may be time for a skylight replacement.

3. Roof Problems

If your roof needs replaced and it is experiencing problems such as leaking, then it’s likely that your skylight will also be experiencing problems. Older or damaged roofs provide less protection to your home and even if your skylight is newer it still can’t manage to hold excessive amounts of water. This could cause its structure to be compromised due to moisture damage the roof caused around it.

4. Cracks

Even small cracks indicate that your skylight needs to be replaced. Small cracks eventually turn into larger cracks due to the stress placed on the glass. Cracks could be caused by hail damage, severe weather, or old age, but they always need to be checked out thoroughly before they get worse.

5. Condensation

Condensation occurs when moisture accumulates on the skylight’s glass. Condensation has the appearance of a fogginess on the glass and is wet to the touch.

Condensation is an early warning sign that the skylight’s sealants are working properly.

6. Age

Unfortunately, no skylight lasts forever. Even though skylights are a beautiful addition to any home, they eventually will wear out and need to be fixed. Skylights typically last for 10 years and need to be replaced at that time.

Ready for a Skylight Replacement?

Skylights make any home feel comfortable and connected to the outdoors. Like any home fixture investment, they need to be replaced. Knowing when to get a skylight replacement by looking for the signs can help you to save money in the long run and get prepared.

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