Skylight Leak Repair Tips

5 Simple Skylight Leak Repair Tips

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Skylights are wonderful additions that provide natural light and really open up your space. However, they are also potential weak spots in your roof. When the rain comes to town, it could lead to leaks. When this happens, Central Roofing Company is ready to assist with your skylight leak repair. If you wish to handle some of it yourself, then follow these tips.

1. Find Out What is Wrong

The first step in handling an issue with skylights in Los Angeles is knowing what is going on. It is important to distinguish whether the leak arose due to an issue with the caulking around the skylight or if there is something more going on that requires additional work. If it is the former, then you might be able to handle it yourself. The latter most likely requires the services of a professional.

2. How to Tell There Is a Leak from Inside

Some telltale signs of the type of leak can be seen from the inside. First and foremost, look closely to see if there are any water stains around the skylight. It is important to distinguish whether or not this water damage comes from leaks or condensation. You also need to know how deep the leak goes. To do this, cut into the drywall and see whether or not the insulation has become affected by looking for any mold or wet areas.

3. What To Look For Outside

Before you handle your skylight leak repair, you also want to take a look at the roof for any visible damage. There are four main features to look for:
• Gap in the flashing cement
• Flashing cement not bonding
• Temperature changes caused expansion or contraction
• Pinholes in the flashing cement
Many skylights in Los Angeles rely upon roof cement to keep the area sealed and avoid any leaks. Therefore, if you see any cracks or opening in the cement, then you will need to get it fixed.

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4. Testing the Leak

If you are still unsure whether or not there is a leak that requires any maintenance, you can perform a test. Simply run your garden hose on the roof during a dry day. Let the water run as though it was raining and even pool. Then, see whether or not any leaks appear. This informs you about the type of problem.

5. Get your Leak Fixed

When you experience leaking from your skylight, you can seal the gaps with roofing cement or apply caulking to the areas. You might also need to repair the metal in the frame. Contact us at Central Roofing Company, and we will come out and inspect the skylight for you. Then, we will tell you the best course of action and provide any repair services required.

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