5 Common Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

roof problems

The roof is the main protective layer between the external weather conditions and the inside of the building.

As such, it’s vulnerable to damage and roof problems resulting from strong winds, lack of maintenance, and low-quality materials. Some of the most common roofing issues include leaking, bad repairs, and bad workmanship.

Keep reading to discover the five most common roofing issues and how to fix them.

Fix Your Roof Problems

If you don’t take care of the roof regularly, the small problems can escalate, cause further damage, and require more money for fixing.

Read below to see how to recognize them and keep them from getting worse.

1. Design and Installation Problems

Many roofing problems are a direct result of faulty workmanship. If you’re not familiar with roof installations and repairs, you may not know what quality work looks like.

If the roofers don’t prepare the area and materials properly, you’ll end up with quicker wear and tear and water accumulation.

Using cheap, incompatible materials is a guaranteed way to have roof problems in the future.

Though quality roofing companies may charge more, they’re knowledgeable and use the best materials, designs, and installation techniques.

2. Roof Leaks

Roof leakage is one of the most common roof issues. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as weather conditions, punctures in the seams, worn out materials, and improper installation.

With commercial roofs, most of the leaking happens due to loosely fastened flashing details.

As soon as you notice the first signs of leaking, call a professional to handle it before a bigger damage occurs.

3. Improper Maintenance

Another major roofing problem is improper maintenance, which often happens with larger buildings.

Commercial roofs cover a bigger surface than residential roofs and use different materials, so they’re harder to maintain.

Roof upkeep is essential for preventing common issues like leaks, breakage, damages, and moisture retention.

You should always hire highly-skilled professionals to keep your roof in great condition.

4. Poorly-Installed Flashing

Flashing is the material used to provide a barrier between all the other roofing materials. This is crucial to prevent leaks, cracks, and billowing.

If the flashing is loosely installed or improperly sealed, it can lead to serious problems. It will make the roof more prone to damage and weaken its insulation due to harsh winds and heavy rain.

5. Improper Previous Repairs

If this isn’t the first time you’ve had roofing issues, the problem may be in bad previous repairs.

Maybe the roofing company didn’t fix the problem all the way or used low-quality materials. In fact, some of the most common metal roof problems are due to improper repairs.

Before you go for a new roof repair company, ask around for recommendations from friends and family. Online reviews can be very helpful to make sure you hire the best people in the business.

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Dealing with a broken, leaking or low-quality roof is stressful, but these issues are easily fixable if you hire the right company.

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