Who Do I Call During an Emergency Roof Leak?

emergency roof leaks

Many commercial property owners in Los Angeles have had to deal with an emergency roof leak at one point or another. These leaks can appear out of nowhere, and you need to act fast to prevent further deterioration of your roof. It is important to remain calm and contact a professional roofing service in your area immediately.

Call a Roofing Company in Your Area

Many times, sudden leaks occur due to pests, a fire or a severe weather event. Normally, a company will be able to send a roofing team to your property promptly in the event of an emergency. However, if the storm is still raging outside, then the company may wait until the weather subsides before sending anyone to your building. This is for the safety of the roofers, so it may take some time until roofers can arrive.

Minimize Interior Damage

When you have an emergency roof leak on your hands, you need to prevent the water from causing excessive damage to the interior of your building. Collect any draining water in a bucket to prevent it from ruining the flooring. When the leak does not have an access point, it will pool together on top of the ceiling, and the added pressure can end up collapsing the ceiling. It is recommended to create a small hole within the ceiling so that the water can escape. Place a bucket under this new exit point.

Do Not Attempt to Fix the Roof Yourself

You definitely do not want to try to fix a roof if a storm is still happening. Even if the Los Angeles weather is clear, you want to wait until the professionals arrive. It can be extremely dangerous for a person lacking the right equipment to get on a roof even in perfect weather. Fortunately, the roofers at Central Roofing Company know how to handle an emergency roof leak, so contact the team at 310-527-6770 to receive excellent roof repair and maintenance.

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