Before You Hire Your Next Commercial Roofer Here Are 5 New Things You Need To Know

Roofs are expensive let alone commercial roofs. It can also be intimidating when you have several commercial roofers explaining to you why you should go with their system and you don’t quite understand what they’re talking about. But like anything nowadays there is always help on the internet. 

So sit back and relax Central Roofing is here to help you make a good roofing decision, here are 5 New Things You Need To Know Before You Hire Your Next Commercial Roofer.

Commercial Roofer1. Licensed and Insured Commercial Roofers.

These two simple words go a long way. I could have easily separated these two but, since they go hand and hand it makes more sense to group them together. As you would do with any type of construction project, you want to make sure the company you hire is qualified to actually perform the job at hand and is also insured. This is for the protection of YOU, the building owner, or the company hiring the commercial roofing company.

Also, I’d like to add a bit more about licensing. There are two types of licenses a business license and a roofer’s license. The business license for tax purposes is important no doubt, but a roofer’s license shows that the roofing company you hire is qualified and also that they don’t have any outstanding violations.

In the state of California, you could check a roofer’s license here:

2. CERTA Licensed

Commercial roofing, for the most part, is roofing for flat roofs. Many flat roof systems in Los Angeles and Orange County are Modified Bitumen commercial roofing systems. These types of roofs require torches and not to sound like captain obvious here but open flames can be dangerous. CERTA is an extensive program that trains experienced roof system installers on the safe use of roofing torches used to apply polymer-modified bitumen roofing products. CERTA training shows how proper roof system configuration design and application techniques can result in fire-safe installations.

If you know that you have one of these types of roofs or they offer to install a torch down roof make sure they are CERTA Licensed.

3. Rebates

Before you call a commercial roofer check to see if there are any rebates for the type of roof you’re looking for. As there are many energy-efficient roofing options out there that would qualify your new roof as a “cool roof”. Simply go to and see what’s available then follow the instructions.

4. Warranties

Warranties not only protect you, but they indicate how much confidence the roofing contractor has in their own work. Check your prospecting roofer’s commercial warranties and do a comparison of each roofing company’s warranty, If you need some help with the terminology found in a warranty, here is a video that can help guide you.

5. Reviews

Customer reviews can provide a better insight into how the company works and what type of services you’ll receive. Additionally, negative reviews are bound to show up. you could get some perspective on the potential commercial roofing company you hire on how they address “bad” roofing services. It can show you whether the roofing company went above and beyond to make things right with the customer. Which could ultimately benefit you because you; could see how far the roofing company is willing to go to make things right.


Hiring a roofer, in general, can be intimidating especially a commercial roofer. A commercial roof is going to be thousands of dollars more expensive than a residential roof and the roofing systems are also quite different for a commercial roof than a house.

Fortunately. there is plenty of resources that can help you make a sound roofing decision and provide a commercial roofing system that will last for decades to come.



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