5 Awesome Reasons Why Los Angeles Businesses Choose Roof Coating Systems

Commercial Cool Roof Coating System
Commercial Cool Roof on a Metal Roof

Your roof is exposed to the elements day after day and which can wear it down quickly if you don’t protect your investment. Many Los Angeles businesses have found that a commercial cool roof coating system protects their roofs while protecting them from financially damaging leaks, or intense sunlight and heat. Here are 5 reasons why!


1) Roof Coating Systems Extend the Life of Your Roof

Roof coating systems create a barrier between the top layers of your roofing material and the elements. A well-applied roof coating gives your roof waterproof qualities and also guards it against the harmful rays of the sun and potential UV damage. Roof coating systems reflect the sun’s heat away from the surface of the roof which helps to increase its longevity and reduce any maintenance costs.

2) Helps in Avoiding Premature Roof Replacement

Roof replacements can be expensive, but when you have a good protective coating on top, you can go much longer without having to make costly repairs or a full-scale replacement. A solid rubber roof coating can add years to the life of your roof by protecting it from damage and leaks.

3) Your Roof Will Become Fade Resistant

A nice, reflective roof coating can go a long way in helping to maintain the color of your roof as it ages. Because roof coatings are reflective, they’re don’t absorb the bright rays of the LA sun as easily as uncoated roof shingles do. This allows them to last longer and look newer for many years to come.

4) A Reduction of Cooling Bills

Did you know that investing in roof coating systems can help you lower your roof’s temperature which will, in turn, decrease the interior temperature inside your home? And you know what that means! Less money spent on your utility bill trying to keep it cool inside during those blazing hot summer months, and for anyone residing in the LA area, you know that the air conditioning is running a good portion of the time.

5) Help in Reducing Waste

If you care about doing your part to preserve the environment, as many conscious LA residents do, you’ll be happy to know that getting roof coating systems can help reduce waste. By extending the life of your roof, you’re minimizing the need for lots of repair work in the future; repairs that can result in the use of lots of new materials and the throwing away of old roof debris.

Plus, the modern coating material is formulated to be environmentally safe and made without the use of dangerous chemicals that aren’t good for people of the environment.

Get Roof Coating Systems in Place for Your Business

Additionally, you can learn all the details of commercial cool roof coating systems in our article about it. Including costs and how to rebates be sure to check it out. Also you can check our videos they can also help you understand the pros and cons of commercial roofing coating systems.

So why do Angelenos choose us for their commercial roofing needs?


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