The Hard Truth to Why Some Commercial Roofing Companies Refuse Roof Leak Repair Jobs [2022]

Roof Leak Repair can get tricky. I had a friend recently tell me they were conducting business as usual at their office then boom! It starts to rain and their commercial roof starts to leak. Once it was dry outside they took a look and found that their roof only has a minor crack and the leak was minor even after heavy rainfall. They called around a few commercial roofing companies and they all turned them down. They don’t want a roof leak repair job! What gives?! Today I will give you the no-bull answer to why some commercial roofing companies turn down roof leak repair jobs. Join me!

Who are we? And Why should you take our word?


Before I get started I think it’s a fair question to ask, “WHO IS CENTRAL ROOFING? And why should I believe you?”. 

Central Roofing, a commercial roofing company,  has been around for over 30 years serving Los Angeles and Orange County. In 30 years we’ve seen roofing companies come and go. You can bet that after 30 years we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry. Including why some roofers turn down jobs, and it may not be why you think. Let’s dive right in!

So WHY do some turn down a Roof Leak Repair Job?

The answer is twofold.

#1 The challenge for some commercial roofers is that once they carry out the repair, no matter how minor, they “own” the roof in the minds of the building owners or property managers who hired them. In a Roof Leak Repair Project, the contract generally says that “any leak repairs carried out we’re done on a “best effort” basis” and thus usually don’t have warranties. Some companies don’t want that type of ownership and some potential clients aren’t too happy with the no warranty idea.

Roof Leak Repair scaled 

#2 Greed. I tried to think of another word but I can’t think of another fitting word. Some commercial roofers just don’t see the profit in roof leak repair jobs so they’d rather push you towards another roofing project like a replacement, or they’d recommend a handyman. 

I should mention this as well not all commercial roofing companies are like this and there are some clients that desperately need a commercial roof replacement but refuse and constantly want to only pay for roof leak repairs as needed. I need to make it clear. I am NOT referring to these cases. 



There are plenty of roofing companies that will do roof leak repair jobs big or small. The key is to do your homework when looking for a roofing company. A roof is expensive, no matter if it’s a roof repair or a roof replacement, if it’s not expected  (which in most cases, let’s face it, it comes out of nowhere) it can hurt your bottom line.  So be proactive, definitely take a look at your roof every now and then before the rain falls and stay on top of maintenance and roof leak repairs. This will make your roof investment will go a long way. 

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