Single Ply Roofing is a Great Option for Commercial Roofs!

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Demand for single ply roofing is booming. The commercial roofing industry is expected to grow to more than $10 billion in the next five years. And analysts say much of that growth is coming from a demand for single ply roofing.

Why are businesses flocking to single ply jobs?

We’ve nailed down the top reasons business owners love single ply roofing. Read on for the top five advantages driving this single ply construction trend.

Basics Behind Single Ply Roofing

There are usually two types of room membranes that are common in single ply roofing. One is Thermosets. These are made out of synthetic rubber polymers.

These are typically the go-to single-ply membrane roof type for big roofs. That’s because they’re made in sizes that can reduce seams or creases.

To protect against the sun, Thermosets might be set in carbon black. And white membranes can use titanium dioxide to reflect light away from the building.

The second type of single-ply membrane roof builders use is Thermoplastics. They’re usually made up of TPO or PVC. And most of the time they’re reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.

This Thermoplastic roof membrane is usually welded together in pieces using hot air.

With those basics in mind, here are the top five advantages to single ply roofing:

1. It’s Flexible

Single ply roofing is made of more flexible material than most traditional roofs.

And this flexibility makes it a solid option when there are big changes in the weather. It’s also a durable solution for surfaces that are exposed to pollution.

It bends and absorbs impact without falling apart like other more rigid surfaces.

2. It Makes the Most out of the Sun

One big thing driving single ply demand is its ability to be energy efficient and reflective. That’s because it uses a reflective coating.

Especially in white roofs, single ply roofing can kick the sun away. And that can drastically affect the temperature inside a building.

This can also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide things like air conditioners put into the atmosphere.

3. It Saves Money

Single ply roofing is lightweight and easy to install. That can make labor costs much less expensive than other roofing methods.

It also saves businesses on heating and cooling costs by taking advantage of the sun. Since it can reflect the sun and lower the temperature inside, a business can cut down on air conditioning. And that can help a business’ bottom line.

4. It Shrugs off Chemicals

Single ply roofs are known for their resistance to chemicals. They can even shed off acid rain.

And this makes them a good option for businesses that end up exposing their roof to a lot of oil and grease.

5. It’s Easy to Install

These roofs are lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver. And they can be easily glued down or fastened with heating.

It makes them much simpler than most traditional roofs to put in place, and they tend to require less upkeep.

More on Single Ply Roofing Installation

These top five advantages make single ply roofing a great option for commercial roofing systems. But we have a lot more information when it comes to single ply roofing installation.

Check out our single ply roofing systems page to learn more about putting in the perfect single ply roof.

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