The 5 Best Rooftop Theaters in Los Angeles Right Now

Los Angeles, often hailed as the entertainment capital of the world, has an uncanny ability to reinvent the way we experience art and culture. Amidst its glittering cityscape and sprawling urban landscape, a unique trend has taken root – rooftop theaters. 

We’ve done bars, we’ve done restaurants now let’s dive into the 5 Best Rooftop Theaters in Los Angeles Right Now!


1) Rooftop Cinema Club, Various locations.

With 3 locations in Los Angeles including the Arts District, El Segundo and Downtown L.A. The Rooftop Cinema  Club offers the most immersive skylines you could enjoy throughout various parts of the city.  The cinema club offers hand-picked movies that feature everything from cult films, classics and new releases.  

Not to mention that every location is complete with a food menu and full bar. If you like to watch movies and enjoy the Los Angeles skyline, you can’t go wrong with the rooftop cinema club.

Rooftop Cinema Club El Segundo 


2.) Melrose Rooftop Theatre West Hollywood

Melrose Rooftop Theatre (MRT) is a unique outdoor cinema experience in the heart of West Hollywood’s fashion and design precinct.

MRT rotates through an extensive movie catalog consisting of cult classics and new releases alike. The cinema utilizes wireless technology with each guest receiving individual headsets and a personal beanbag chair to maximize the complete cinematic experience.

Rooftop Theater Los Angeles

3) LevelDTLA Los Angeles

As the name suggests, this movie theater’s location is in Downtown Los Angeles. It may be a stretch to count this as a rooftop cinema as the event space only on occassion hosts movie nights. But be that as it may  we’re counting it as the venue offers a beautiful space to watch a movie and catch the downtown city views of Los Angeles.


4.) The Montalbán Rooftop Cinema Club Hollywood

The Montalbán is a historic Hollywood theatre featuring live stage & musical performances, rooftop movies, film festivals, and comedy.   Despite the theatre being multi-faceted, the rooftop theater is the main attraction. 

Rooftop Theater Hollywood

5.) The Andaz West Hollywood


This upscale West Hollywood hotel only on occassion has rooftop movie showings as well.  However when the rooftop movie nights are available, this venue offers a place to watch a movie by the pool, with stars up above providing a luxurious movie-watching experience.



From the starlit skyline views of Hollywood to the trendy, intimate atmospheres of West Hollywood and Downtown LA, each rooftop theater has its unique charm. These venues not only redefine how we watch movies but also remind us of the limitless possibilities that this city has to offer.


Whether you’re a cinephile seeking an unforgettable cinematic experience, or a group of friends looking for a night of laughter and nostalgia, Los Angeles’ rooftop theaters have something for everyone.



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