The 1 Big Difference Between Re-Roof and Roof Replacement

A “re-roof” and roof replacement can be a difference of thousands of dollars. With that in mind if you’re not in the roofing industry then you might not know whether you should choose re-roofing or replacing your roof. 


What are the differences? 


To answer that question it’s best to know what both are so you can determine which is the best option for your roof. Let’s dive in!


But first, why should you take our word for it?


Central Roofing has been around for over 30 years providing commercial roofing services of all types including re-roofs and roof replacement.  With decades of experience in the industry, Central Roofing has seen it all!


What Is A Re-Roof?


A re-roof is a term in the industry that refers to the roof being in fairly good condition thus roofing contractors can play an overlay on the existing roof. Not only will this improve the appearance of the roof but it also adds a protective layer to prevent leaks.


However, in order to be a candidate for a re-roof the existing roof has to meet the following conditions. Number 1, the existing roof has to have a single layer on it. Building codes prevent re-roofs on roofs that have two layers or more. 


But that’s not it. The pitch of your roof can also rule out a re-roof. However, if you have a commercial property in which most commercial properties have flat roofs, then you should be okay with this aspect. 


Also, if the roof has significant water damage then a re-roof wouldn’t be an option. 

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What Is A Roof Replacement?


When a roofing company has to expose the roof deck and replace the entire roofing system, that is a roof replacement. 

As mentioned in the re-roofing section when a roof has significant water damage or too many layers then a full roof replacement would be the optimum solution. 


But there are plenty of benefits to a roof replacement. Number 1, a replacement addresses all of the problems with the existing roof rather than covering up the damage as with re-roofing. 

Commercial Roof Replacement in progress

How to decide whether to Re-Roof or get a Roof Replacement?

Existing roofs with only minor damage or leaks and only have a single layer of roofing are excellent candidates for re-roofing.

On the other hand, if your roof has significant water damage, leaks everywhere, and smells of mold then a roof replacement is the best option. 

Also, something to keep in mind, warranties for replacement are generally longer than re-roof warranties.  Most commercial roofing companies for example of warranties for up to thirty years while residential roofing companies usually 20 for replacement projects. 


The #1 Big Difference


You’ve probably guessed by the biggest difference between a re-roof and roof replacement is cost. A roof replacement is significantly higher in cost in every key factor that goes into roofing services. More materials, longer project times, and the special equipment required for roofing companies are all much more costly for a roof replacement project. But as I mentioned before, a replacement could have more benefits than a re-roof.




As with anything, there are pros and cons to both types of roofing projects, and in some cases, a replacement may be your only choice.  But being informed of what both are and if your roof truly needs a replacement can help you make the most informed decision for your roofing project. 


Roofing projects often come unexpectedly and are in itself a huge investment. Don’t feel pressured to go with the first roofing company you call. Do your homework, make sure you find the right residential or commercial roofing company for your project, and move forward from there. 


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