6 Signs You Need to Replace your Commercial Roof

Just like there are signs you might need to change up your business’s marketing and advertising strategy, there are also signs you might need to get in touch with a professional roof replacement company to renew the life and performance of your roof.


To help you out, Central Roofing Company is here with a few indications that it might be time to replace your commercial roof. Let’s dive right in!


Sign #1 The Age of Your Roof


Like most parts of your commercial or industrial building, your roof won’t last forever. One of the first things to do when determining whether it’s time to invest in a replacement roof is to find out when your roof was first installed and review past maintenance and repair services. You can also have a professional roofer come out to inspect your roof for an expert assessment.


Sign #2 Water Leaks


Can you see water spots or signs of water damage on your ceilings? It’s in your best interest to not ignore those spots and have them investigated ASAP. They could be indications that your roof is weakening in spots and allowing water to seep through, which is sure to lead to serious issues that extend past your roof, such as problems with mold and mildew.

Commercial Roof Bubbles

Roof Bubbles

Sign #3 Blistering

Blistering on your roof is caused by a buildup of gasses; this particular sign that you might need to replace roof is also linked to moisture. Specifically, blistering is caused by moisture trapped in your insulation. Your roof is being slowly eaten away and needs quick attention.

Sign #4 Moving Fasteners

If you notice that the fasteners have moved and shifted in any way. This is a tell-tell sign that the roof needs to be inspected by a professional asap. 


Sign #5 Puncturing


Ensuring your roof is taken care of by an experienced professional us essential for several reasons. One is that careless roofers can puncture the roof with their work boots, which can lead o water infiltration, which can lead to the issues we already outlined. 


Sign #6 Open Membrane Laps


Depending on how much you know about roofs, you might notice open laps on your roof. Open laps are often the result of the roofing adhesive becoming inefficient as it ages. There’s also a chance of your insulation wasn’t installed properly. 


No matter what’s compromising the performance and appearance of your roof, you’ll want to get it taken care of quickly.


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