Roofing Contractor Trends You Can Expect to See in 2021

2020 has been a year of significant changes for everybody. The onset of COVID-19 and ensuing lockdowns worldwide to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus led to changes in our lifestyles.
Roof Trends 2021 solar on metal roof
As a commercial business owner, one of the most looked over aspects of where you invest money is roofing. Roofs are one of the most crucial parts of any building structure that provide the first line of defense against the elements. Roofing contractors have the job of ensuring the structural integrity and quality of roofs so they can serve their function properly.
Roofing trends change each year. While most changes over recent years were purely aesthetic, there is a shift in focus on roofing trends for more convenience and better efficiency in commercial buildings. We will discuss some of the most significant roofing trends you can expect to see in 2021.

5 Roofing Trends You Can Expect to See in 2021

The roofing industry has also experienced several changes amid the ongoing pandemic. Here is a look at the top roofing trends that business owners can expect to see in 2021.


1. The use of drones

Drone use has increased drastically across several industries in recent years. From media to solar power and even the construction sector, drones are becoming more integral in business operations. Roofing contractors are also incorporating drones into their projects for all the potential benefits.
Drone roofers may use drones to inspect job sites, analyze roofing projects, and determine the best course of action for executing a project. Using drones can help professional roofing contractors provide you with a better service that is more efficient and cost-effective for you.

2. Cool Roofs

One of the most prominent roofing trends you can expect to see in 2021 is an increased focus on new types of roofing. Sustainable construction practices are becoming more important for business owners. Roofing contractors are focusing on roofing materials that provide a cooler environment.
Found in places that have warmer climates, cool roofs can keep out excess heat. These roofs are made using materials that reflect and absorb energy from the sun in an efficient way to keep indoor temperatures cooler. These roofs can make your building more energy-efficient and reduce your bills by cutting down energy expenses.

3. Green Roofs

Green roofs are not exactly a new roofing method, but it is one of the most important roofing trends you can expect to see in 2021. Commercial buildings have started making their rooftops green because it can provide businesses with several benefits. A green roof with waterproof layers and a variety of vegetation can make the roof look beautiful.
Additionally, a green roof can add to the eco-friendly aspect of your building. When it rains, green roofs are more efficient at trapping the rainwater and using it more efficiently for the vegetation instead of letting it drain out the sides of the building. Green roofs also provide natural shade that can provide insulation against direct sunlight for the commercial building, reducing energy costs for cooling.

4. Solar Roofs

Existing Commercial and Industrial metal roofs can be restored if they are still in good enough condition with a silicone restoration system. This roofing system not only extends the useful life of the roof for 15-25 years but the reflectivity properties will help to keep the building cooler and more energy efficient.

5. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are also not the latest innovation in the roofing industry. However, one of the most important roofing trends you can expect to see in 2021 is a modern approach to the use of metal roofs.
Industrial buildings and barns in farms have already been using metal roofs. However, roofing contractors are now incorporating metal roofs in multiple styles and colors for commercial buildings. Metal is more durable than many other materials. Metal roofs can also provide excellent insulation for your building and help in keeping it cool.

Hire the Right Commercial Roofing Company

Roofing trends will come and go this year. Some of these will be vital in helping business owners cut down on their costs.
At Central Roofing, we have been in the business of providing commercial roofing services to businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County for all their commercial and industrial roofing services since 1992.
Our team understands the complexities of performing a diverse range of roofing projects in the area throughout the year, and we remain updated with the latest technology and roofing trends.
If you are looking for a roofing contractor who can help you follow the latest roofing trends in 2021, contact us to discuss your roofing project requirements and ask us for a quotation. Our professionals will come in for a free on-site inspection and discuss the best course of action for your project to make sure that you get the best value for money through our commercial roofing services.


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