Go Green With Reflective Roofing in Los Angeles

reflective roofing los angeles

One of the reasons Los Angeles is such a fantastic city is the weather. There are more sun-filled days in L.A. than in many other areas in the nation. The summers are hot, even at the beaches, and the mercury frequently creeps over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps facilities managers on their toes. The indoors must remain a refreshing reprieve from the oppressive outdoor air. Reflective roofing helps.

Enjoy These Benefits of Reflective Roofing

We here at Central Roofing take pride in helping our commercial clients reap numerous benefits from a reflective system. When you install cool roofing, you and your building occupants enjoy colder indoor air kept at a consistent and comfortable temperature. We don’t have to tell you that this translates into lower utility bills.

Naturally, this method provides a more sustainable approach to running your facilities. Buildings are going green to protect the environment, and a reflective roof not only helps you reduce your energy usage, but it also

• Prevents your roof from retaining heat, which
• Prevents your roof from increasing the air temperature in crowded urban areas, which
• Reduces the area’s energy burden as well, which
• Reduces pollution

A hot roof creates a butterfly effect throughout the entire city. When you install a reflective roof, you cool down your building and the area around it.

How Reflective Roofs Work

The premise behind a cooling system is simple: Instead of absorbing the sun’s rays and heat into the roofing material, the rays are sent back up to the sky. A white, reflective barrier is installed on top of your roof to combat UV rays. Think of it as sunscreen for your roof. The UV rays are bounced off the surface. This protects your roof and extends its life.

A Multi-Layered Approach

There is more to installing your cool roof than painting it white. We offer a multi-layer approach to ensure you get the most out of your reflective coating. We will

• Inspect and clean your roof.
• Reinforce any pond areas and waterways.
• Fix blisters, fractures and seams.
• Rebuild drainage areas.

Then, we will

• Waterproof and reinforce your roof with two emulsion layers.
• Lay two polyester (white roll) layers.
• Spray on the white UV top coat.

Once our work is complete, you will have an ENERGY STAR-rated roof. Get ready for bragging rights.

Reflective roofing is one of our specialties at Central Roofing. Give us a call at 310-527-6770 to discuss your options, and let us help you go green and save.

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