Reasons Why Roof Inspections are Important


The roof on your commercial building is its first line of defense against the elements. Unfortunately, most people tend to treat their roof very poorly by taking it for granted until a problem comes their way. Thinking about our roof only when a problem arises can cause you a lot of trouble. We only replace them when it is absolutely necessary, trying to get the most out of it while it lasts.
Did you know that you can extend the roof life if you take proper care of it? The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends getting roof inspections done at least twice a year – once after the coldest weather and once after the hottest weather. Additionally, it is ideal to schedule roof inspection services after any major weather event in your area.
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You might wonder why roof inspections are important. If there is a problem with the roof, you will find out eventually and get it fixed, right? Not taking care of your roof on time can cause further damage that can lead to roof replacement or damage to your building from the elements if you leave it unchecked. We will tell you some of the reasons why roof inspections are important and why you should not delay getting it done.

5 Reasons Why Roof Inspections are Important


Here are some of the most common reasons you might want to hire roofing contractors for roof inspections at least twice a year.

1. Aging and weathering

When construction contractors build, they ensure that everything about it is built to last. Roofs are built to last for an average of 20-30 years, considering any normal weathering and aging. However, normal weathering and aging can start causing some damage that could be visible or hidden.
If there is enough damage, the roof might develop openings that are not visible, but they let water get inside the building. If left unchecked, it can widen the opening and cause substantial damage to your building until you schedule repairs.
Regular roof inspections can bring attention to areas that have taken too much weathering damage and keep you more informed about scheduling maintenance to prevent further damage and more expensive repairs.

2. Damage due to routine maintenance

Businesses have to focus on several routine maintenance tasks for their building, involving different contractors for each of them. Professionals from air conditioning firms might have to head to the roof to do their jobs, and not all of them might know how to tread on the roof properly.
If any other tradespeople are not careful with how they work on your roof, they might cause some damage. Additionally, some tradespeople might forget to clean up their debris from the roof once they are done with their work. Items left on the roof can become flying objects if wind speeds pick up, becoming dangerous to you or others around your property.
Scheduling regular roof inspections can also integrate routine roof cleaning and better maintenance practices that can prevent potential damage.

3. Storm damage

Getting a roof inspection done is important, especially in case of any major weather event. High winds, storms, rain, hail, and other weather events can speed up the weather damage and create damage to roofs that require significant repairs. Scheduling roof inspection services immediately after weather events can prevent further damage due to water infiltration.
Insurance loss adjusters report that a lot of the damage caused by storms is because of material, parts, or debris blown from roofs during high winds. Trees and branches can fall on roofs to do a lot of damage.
Scheduling inspections can help identify and repair any problems with your roof before they cause more issues later on.

4. To check for possible leaks

One of the most important reasons people schedule roof inspection services is a leaking roof. Leaks after heavy rain are only a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. If you notice that your roof is leaking, it is a sign that there has been damage to your roof that existed for a while. Consider a noticeably leaking roof a lucky sign for you.
If there was no evidence of a roof leak, it can cause undetected water infiltration that can lead to unseen damage like mold, wet insulation, corrosion, or rotting wood. Leaking roofs are not easy to detect by yourself because the entry point for the water could be far away from where its signs are visible.
Scheduling roof inspection services can help you properly identify the source of the leak because professionals have a trained eye to diagnose leaks and provide adequate solutions on time.

5. Highlighting any necessary improvements

Regular roof inspections are also an excellent way for you to know whether your commercial building needs any improvements that affect the roof. Business owners allocate budgets for building improvement projects that can ensure the best value for their money.
You might be installing new systems in your building, improving on the insulation, better security systems, lightning protection, or anything else. Roof access is essential for most buildings. Suppose that your roof is challenging to access. In that case, many commercial businesses tend to ignore roof maintenance.
Roof inspection services can also highlight the need for improvements to the roof that make necessary changes like easier roof access, better and safer access to the roof for other purposes, and better safety features to the roof.

Hire the Right Commercial Roofing Company

Establishing a schedule for routine roof inspections should be a priority for business owners. These services are inexpensive and can provide valuable information that can prevent expensive repairs later.
At Central Roofing, we have been in the business of providing commercial roofing services to residents in Los Angeles and Orange County for all their commercial and industrial roofing services since 1992. We provide you with all the information you need to give you peace of mind when deciding to work with us.
Our team understands the complexities of performing a diverse range of roofing projects in the area throughout the year, from roofing inspections to complete roof replacements.
Are you interested in scheduling roof inspection services? Contact us to discuss your roofing project requirements and ask us for a quotation. Our professionals will come in for a free on-site inspection and discuss the best course of action for your project to ensure that you get the best value for money through our commercial roofing services.
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