Easy DIY Commercial Roof Leak Gutter Repair [2022]

Commercial roof gutters take a lot of abuse from the rain, the debris, the extreme heat or cold, and so forth.  All of this can cause you to have to replace your gutters entirely but if it’s only a leak or two then you may want to do a gutter repair yourself.

If you’re up for it then Here’s what to do if you see water dripping out of the gutters, notice water running down the sides of your commercial building, or find puddles underneath the gutters.

Prepare For Gutter Repair

It’s essential that the gutter leak area be clean of leaves and other debris. Also, commercial roofs are generally flat which could give you a sense of security while you’re climbing and walking on top of the commercial roof. Take all the necessary precautions including protective gloves, safety glasses, and another person to help you with the gutter repair.  Also fixing a gutter leak is a messy job, the sealant gets everywhere, even your clothes. So it would be a good idea to where old clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty in.

Get The Right Sealant

Many factors play a role in choosing the right sealant for gutter leak repair. Some of the things to look out for in  a sealant by gutter repair professionals include:

  • Resistance to water and moisture
  • Drying time
  • Cost
  • Ease of application

Here at Central Roofing we generally go with Henry’s Roofing Silicone Sealant and Rust-Oleum Poly-Fleece fabric.  Why do we like them? Henry’s Roofing Silicone Sealant is excellent at adhering to metal, rubber, glass, and plastic. And we found that the poly-fleece adds an additional layer of enforcement to seal the gutter leak. 

Apply The Sealant

Again always keeping safety in mind use gloves and safety goggles. Another tip is to use throw-away brushes, this sealant will pretty much make the brush unusable after applying it. Generously apply the sealant onto the brush and brush the gutter leak area vigorously with the sealant. Make sure to spread the sealant all throughout the gutter area including the sides and the corners of the inner gutter. 

Gutter RepairAfter the initial application of the sealant, apply a piece of the poly-fleece to the area you sealed.  After the fleece is set, apply another round of the sealant using the brush. 

Commercial Roofing Gutter RepairGutter Repair Accomplished

That’s all it takes, the sealant will fix the gutter leak, and after 12 hours you can test it to make sure the water is not penetrating the sealant and leaking. If necessary you can apply a top coat, but the sealant with the fleece should be enough. 

So other tidbits to keep in mind. For a cleaner appearance, before you seal the gutter leak area, you can tape off the area with masking tape. Also after applying the silicone seal, use a clean rag to wipe the rest of the area. 

Gutter Leak RepairConclusion

There you have it, you can consider your gutter repair as mission accomplished. But again I have to reiterate that repair is only for one or two leaks. If your commercial roof has gutters that have leaks all over the place then you will need to call a gutter professional to get the gutter looked at. The gutters may need to be replaced. 

As you know gutters and downspouts are essential components of every roof but even more so for commercial flat roofs. They collect and carry away rainwater that could otherwise cause major damage to siding, soil, and foundations. But if your gutters only have a couple of leaks using this method can get those leaks fixed in no time.


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