Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool During Summers

This year’s summer temperatures have hit a record, and the chances are that it will only get worse every year. While you might think air conditioning is all that’s needed to keep you cool inside the building, there are other considerations that you need to make for a healthier environment and reduced utilities. 

Since the weather has been hot, some prefer going green by planting trees for shade, and some insulate their rooftops for added protection. 

Here is all you need to know about heat and commercial roofing and how to take care of commercial rooftops during summers

Facts About Heating and Commercial Roofing 

  • The insulation system can determine the temperature of the building. Adequate insulation acts as a defense for the building, which reduces overheating chances during the summer months. 
  • Light colors reflect sunlight, while dark colors tend to absorb light and heat. This fact must be kept in mind when considering a repaint for your commercial roof.
  • A roof pitch matters when considering options for reducing heat in a commercial property. Flat and low-sloped roofs in commercial buildings have to withstand direct rays from the sun, while sloped roofs don’t and can keep the building cooler. 

As commercial buildings deal with mainly flat roofs, a team of experts can guide you through ways to reduce the heat being transmitted to your commercial property. 

Reducing Roof Heating

Protective Coating

A metal sheath or rubber layer works as a reflecting shield for the rooftop. The UV rays reflect, keeping the inner surface of the building cool. As a result, the inside temperature is far lower than what it’s like outside. An adequate protective coating will reduce the cost of cooling within the building.

Added Protection  

Apart from the layer of protection, keep your commercial roof cool by spraying the roof with spray foam insulation. This helps strengthen the building’s infrastructure through harsh weather conditions such as summer monsoons or the heat. Spraying foam insulation makes the structural integrity of the building sound. Another great advantage is that it reduces infestation of the building with bugs and vermin. 

Ventilation System 

A good ventilation system helps with the circulation of fresh air, reduces moisture, and avoids metal fatigue. Fresh air is good for the occupants of the building, especially during the summer months when it can get particularly hot and humid. The humidity in the surroundings can adversely affect the insulation of the building, as the walls of the building absorb it. Additionally, vents serve a good purpose by protecting the metal on the roof as it expands with the increased heat from the sun. The heat is divided and reduced to avoid metal fatigue.

Repair and Restore 

Before the summer months hit, get the commercial roof repairs you were avoiding all this while. Cavities, dents, erosion, or any other damage are red flags and a sign that it’s time to call an expert to fix it. Another sign to call a roofing company is increased utility bills. Early on, taking the right measures can help restore the roof and save you from a complete replacement cost. Repairs for damaged places and an added coating on top will help maintain the insulation and keep the heat at bay.

Plant Trees

Planting a few trees around your commercial building can provide shade and keep the building cool. This means reduced bills for air conditioning and reduced heat for the rooftop. However, trees can bring a lot of debris, and tree branches can damage certain roof areas. Therefore, keep in mind that trees need upkeep to ensure they serve their purpose and not adversely affect the rooftop.

Roofing Types And Ways To Cool Them

Metal Roof 

A good old metal roof serves the purpose right during summers by keeping the heat out. A reflective layer of paint will help keep the temperature of the building from rising. 

Build-up Roof 

Old roofing systems use tar and gravel, similar to the material used for the building construction. Consider getting a UV-resistant, white, mineral fiberglass topside to reduce the temperatures within the building even more. 

Bitumen Roof

Several coats of rubber or plastic make for a great modified bitumen roofing system. The temperature is kept from rising through the sealing. The top-most layer covered with a reflective coating helps shine the light back instead of taking it in.

Single-ply Roof 

A single long sheet is laid down on the rooftop and fastened to keep your commercial roof cool. This sheet is heat-resistant and reflective and can be installed only during the purchase of a new roof.  

Roof Coating 

Roof coatings normally consist of chemicals that expand and contract well together, generally staying put. This coating can be mixed with the right reflective coating to serve as a great protective layer for the commercial building.

Keep Your Building Cool With Our Expertise 

We at Central Roof deal with all kinds of commercial, warehouse, and industrial roofing in Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. Whether it be restoration, repair, maintenance, or replacement, we are just a call away from assisting you. Get in touch with the team for a free quote today, or contact us for any queries and concerns.

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