How to Find a Warehouse Roof Leak


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warehouse roof leaks

The warehouse is an essential part of any business, but operations can become compromised if the roof of the warehouse has sprung a leak. Just as there are several reasons for the leak, there are several places where the leak can originate. Central Roofing Company is here to show you how to find a roof leak and take steps to patch it up.

Take care of the Water

clean up the water that’s found its way inside your warehouse. This helps to cut down on water damage to your products so that you can continue to fulfill orders and satisfy your customers. Be sure you don’t store anything in the area with the leak, and display signs that the floor and area are wet to keep employees safe


You can perform a cursory inspection of your own by keeping an eye out for puddled water and seeing that water is flowing down your gutters, down pipes and the like. You can also check the attic area of your roof to see if you can spot the issue there. Additionally, the problem could be with your roof’s flashing, specifically around the chimneys, vents and roof projections. In any case, the cause of the leak needs to be identified by an expert to determine how extensive the issue truly is.

Ponding Water on Flat Roof
Look for ponding areas on your flat warehouse roof

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Depending on the cause of the leak and the extent of the damage, you may need to reach out to your insurance agent to let her or him know what’s going on so you can see whether your policy covers the damage. Know that your insurance company might send out another inspector of its own choosing to evaluate the damage and see how much the repairs will cost. Be sure you take images of the damage to show your agent.

Warehouse Roof Leaks
Severe Roof Leaks

Hire a Professional

Once the roof has been inspected and your insurance company, it’s time to hire a professional. A commercial roof contractor can take a look at your warehouse roof to inspect the condition of the roof and fix the roof leak. The commercial roofing company should be well-experienced with warehouse and commercial roofs, and you should receive an accurate assessment as to whether you should replace or repair your roof.
Warehouse roof leaks should be quickly handled by professionals. Central Roofing Company is readily available to take care of your leaks and help you develop a maintenance plan to keep your roof in great condition.

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