Cool Roof Rebates: Find out how to get them now. [2023]

At this point, I think you’re all familiar with cool roofs, and cool roof coatings including acrylic and silicone coatings. Today I’m going to focus on Cool Roof Rebates, What’s out there, and how to get them. 

But first who is Central Roofing and why you should trust us? Central Roofing is a Los Angeles and Orange County commercial roofing contractor company. We’ve been around for over 30 years and some of our clients include See’s Candies, Guess, and Cacique , just to name a few. With that out of the way let’s get right to it!


What Rebates Are Out There?

First things first, let me get this out of the way, my company Central Roofing is based out of Southern California, specifically Los Angeles, so that will be the primary focus of this article.

However, if you’re interested in other states’ and cities’ cool roof rebates, you can find a list of what they are here.

In Los Angeles for residential single-family homes or multi-family properties, the rebate is issued by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) and is as follows: The base rebate for qualifying roofs is $0.20 per sq ft.

The enhanced rebate is $0.60 per square foot. Roofing products must be tested and labeled by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

In order to receive the enhanced rebate, the roofing material must have a 3-year Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Solar Reflectance Emittance (SRI) of greater then or equal to 85.  

More information can be found here

Who is the Cool Roof Rating Council?

The Cool Roof Rating Council as defined by its website is a ” 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops fair, accurate, and credible methods for evaluating and labeling the radiative properties of roofing and exterior wall products.”.  Essentially the council decides what products and methods can be defined and labeled as a “cool roof”. 

A listing of rated products using the CRRC Rated Products can be found here.

What about Rebates For Commercial Cool Roof Coatings?

For business owners with commercial roofs or property managers with commercial roofs. The Cool Roof Rebate is a Custom Performance Program(CPP) and is also issued by the LADWP.

How Does a Custom Performance Program(CPP) work?

The way CPP works is that CPP pays you incentives for energy savings achieved through the implementation and installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and equipment which meet or exceed minimum industry standards.

To see specifically how the CPP program and what energy efficiency measures qualify you can check them out here.

How To Find Grants & Rebates for Commercial Cool Roofs?

In addition, to help commercial building owners and property managers find incentives to install a cool roof, developed, Cool California Funding Wizard tool to help individuals and businesses “find funding from grants, incentives, and rebates for sustainable projects.” When looking for cool roof funding, be sure to check out the energy efficiency funding opportunities, which can apply broadly to measures, such as cool roofs.

How To Apply For Them?

For residential properties: Complete the Consumer Rebate Program application after purchasing and installing the product. All applications must be postmarked within 12 months of the purchase date. You can submit the application online or by mail. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. LADWP reserves the right to inspect and verify the installation of your products prior to releasing your rebate check. Rebates will be processed within six months of application submittal. Please note that LADWP advises customers to confirm rebate eligibility BEFORE making their purchase.

You’ll also need to provide the following documentation.

  • Original Proof of Purchase or Original Home Improvement Contract Invoice (with the manufacturer, product make, and model number) 
  • A copy of your LADWP bill (Page 1)
  • A copy of the roofing permit.

What About For Commercial Roof Cool Roof Projects?

It’s a bit more complicated for commercial roofing projects, that’s because Commercial Roof Cool Roof Projects have to go through the Custom Performance Program (CPP), and they first require you to read the CPP Terms & Conditions.

In a nutshell, it essentially states, that they are on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. Incentive payments are not guaranteed. The total combined incentives and grants for a project cannot exceed the total cost of the project. and CPP may be modified, suspended, or terminated without notice.

Prior to starting the project, you’ll be required to submit the following forms:

Once all of this is put together the application along with the required documents may be submitted via e-mail to or sent using the mail service of your choice to:

LADWP Efficiency Solutions Non-Residential Programs
Attn: Custom Performance Program
111 N. Hope Street, JFB Room 1057
Los Angeles, CA 90012


After all this is complete, A CPP Program Manager (PM) will be assigned to your project and will contact you to confirm receipt of the application. LADWP will then contact you to schedule the pre-inspection. Before starting the project, you must wait for written approval from LADWP. Once approval is received, you may proceed with the installation and implementation of the measure(s).

Projects not completed within 12 months of LADWP approval (Offer Letter) may be canceled and reserved funds returned to the program fund. Once the measures are installed and implemented, you must submit:

  • Completed CPP Installation Report
  • Completed and signed IRS Form W-9
  • Completed Payment Assignment Form, if eligible and applicable
  • Copies of itemized invoices and any other project cost documentation
  • Revised energy model or post trend data, if applicable

After all required documents are received, LADWP will contact you to schedule the post-inspection. If there were any changes to the scope of work, the project will be re-evaluated to determine the revised energy savings and incentive amount.


After the installation and energy savings are verified, the PM will review all documentation and process the incentive payment. It may take 8 to 12 weeks to receive payment once the energy savings are confirmed.


As you can see the process can be quite complicated (I’m looking at you Commercial Roof Rebates) and we’re pretty much at the mercy of the LADWP when it comes to actually receiving these rebates. But it’s certainly worth a try and I hope that this article helped you make it a little less complicated. Furthermore, if you’re in Los Angeles, and have questions you could also reach out to LADWP about Cool RoofRebates. Here are some resources you may contact:

For Residential:
Call: 1 800 DIAL DWP

For Commercial:
contact the Custom Performance Program hotline at (213) 367-3436 or


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