The Ultimate Cool Roof Calculator Tool Guide [2022]

Introducing the Cool Roof Cost Calculator. When you’re looking to get a cool roof for your commercial building, you’ll call a commercial roofing contractor, they’ll schedule an estimate, come out and send you a quote for a cool roof restoration. After that, they’ll call you, e-mail you, and text you for weeks to buy their services. 


But what if there is an easier way? Well, I’m here to tell you there is! The Cool Roof Calculator can give you a cool roof estimate within minutes and guess what? it’s completely free. Let’s dive right into the Cool Roof Calculator.


Who Are We?

Central Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles and Orange County. A family-owned and operated business has been serving the commercial roofing needs of Southern California since 1992. Central Roofing’s expertise is in roof coatings, roof replacement, roof repairs, roof maintenance, and roof inspections.

Some of our clients include See’s Candies, 20th Century Fox, and Fosselman’s Ice Cream, to name a few.


The Cool Roof Calculator Overview

The calculator is broken down into 3 main sections: existing roof system, type of coating, and square footage of the roof.

The tool looks like this:

Cool Roof Calculator

In addition to those three sections, you’ll see a results section to the right that shows the estimated cost of a cool roof for your building. 


Existing Roof Type Section:

This is where you’re going to enter the existing commercial roofing system to get a more accurate estimate. However, if you’re unsure what type of system you currently have, you could enter any one of these systems to give a rough number. 

The roof types are as follows: PVC, TPO, Modified Bitumen, Cap Sheet, and Metal. We chose these systems because they work well with a cool roof coating and they’re also the most common types of commercial roofing systems in Southern California. 


Type Of Coating Section:

In this section, you’ll have two choices, Acrylic Coatings, and Silicone Coatings. Why only these two? Again because these are the two most prominent cool roof coatings in the commercial roofing market today. 

Be aware that the cost is quite different for the coatings and there are notable differences between the two coatings. 

Also, you should know that depending on the roof type you choose determines the availability of each coating. For example, if you know you have a cap sheet roof, then acrylic roof coatings will be your only choice of coating. As a silicone coating doesn’t work best with that type of roof system.


Square Footage Section:

Here is where you’re going to enter the square footage of your roof. However, if you don’t know the exact measurement of your roof, that is perfectly fine. That’s because this section is a simple toggle button that can be moved forward or back giving you real-time results as you toggle around. Here’s how it looks:



As you probably guessed this tool was made with commercial roofing in mind. It doesn’t mean that if you have a residential roof you can’t use the tool. You absolutely can as long as it meets the criteria of being a low-sloped or flat roof. 

It’s also important to note that the calculator does its best job to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of a cool roof. It still cannot be as accurate as a physical inspection. 

But the calculator is completely free to use, and users are able to receive a rough estimate of just how much acrylic roofing coatings or silicone roof coatings would cost them. 

Another additional benefit of using this tool is quite frankly if you’re not ready to start your roofing project right away, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of calling roofing company after roofing company to get someone out to your property, and then have to deal with annoying sales calls afterward. This told doesn’t require any contact information from you, no solicitation whatsoever, it is truly free. 

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