Commercial Roofing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore a Leaking Roof

leaking roof

Your office building has it all: spacious-yet-intimate floor lengths, LED lighting, climate controlled to the perfect temperature.

It’s almost perfect … except for the minor leak in the breakroom you’ve been turning your head at.

You may be shocked to find out the damage that leaking roof is causing, and the monstrous amounts of money it could cost you in the long run. Keep reading to discover five reasons why you should never ignore a leaking roof.

1. It’s Running up Your Energy Bill

Simply put: a leaking roof means that there’s a hole in your ceiling allowing water in.

That water will quickly damage your insulation and expand the area for your hot and cool air to escape.

Because of that, your heating and cooling system have to work overtime to compensate for the air being lost, which will directly affect your energy bill.

While you think you’re saving money by ignoring the leak, you’re actually spending MORE over time than fixing it right away.

If the roof is a few decades old, it might be time for a roof replacement.

2. The Mold is Creeping In

If there’s only one takeaway you have from this article today, make sure it’s this one — a leaking roof can cause health problems for you and your employees.

Over time (and not a long time, mind you), a leaking office building roof will entice mold and mildew growth.

Both can eat away at your wood and ceiling tiles, and create unwelcomed marks along your roof and floors. Try impressing your clients with that in plain sight.

More importantly, mold initiates allergic reactions and creates difficult breathing conditions.

Once mold creeps in, there’s no way to put a bandaid on it, it will cost you thousands of dollars for a full restoration of any items that it grows on.

3. Slip and Fall Risks

As your leaks become more severe with age, they will start to create water puddles on your floor.

If you’re thinking to yourself “I’ll never let it get that serious,” just remember, it can become that severe overnight. Once it does, it’s going to be hard to stop.

Puddles and wet spots on your floors create a risk of slipping and causing serious injuries that your company will then be responsible for.

You may think people will be mindful of it and walk around the wet spots, but in the hustle of the modern workday, employees have enough to worry about as is.

4. Damage to Your Interior

The worst type of damage is the type that hides out of plain sight.

Leaking roofs can be causing damage to your interior without you knowing it.

The only thing that will make you aware of it is when the brown spots on your ceiling tile start to show. By that point, the damage is already done.

5. Your Repair Bill Will Only Continue to Grow

A leaking roof isn’t something that fixes itself, and it takes a professional to fix it.

The very reason you’re avoiding fixing it will only get worse as you ignore it. All the while, you could fix it up front and save yourself thousands to repair it later.

Get Your Leaking Roof Repaired Today

Why keep yourself up at night worrying about how much rain is leaking into your office conference room?

Let us fix that leaking roof and take that stress away for you!

Be sure to request a free estimate to get your business back on track.

If you’d like to speak with a representative, feel free to give us a call at (310) 527-6770.

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