70% Chance of El Niño Could Mean Rain Is Coming for Los Angeles



Los Angeles is hardly what you’d call a rainy city, especially in the dry summer months. In fact, according to U.S. climate data, the average annual rainfall for the city is just under 19 inches. But with a 70% chance of El Niño 2018 coming, the City of Angels could be in for some weather challenges it isn’t used to experiencing. Generally, building owners in Los Angeles don’t need to worry about excessive rain causing leaky roofs, but that will likely change once El Niño rolls in.

Understanding El Niño

El Niño is a natural weather event that is also known as the warm phase of the Southern Oscillation. It involves fluctuating surface temperatures on the Pacific Ocean that influence world-wide weather.

Generally, El Niño occurs only once every five to seven years. However, if it occurs this year (and there’s a very good chance it will), it will be the second time it’s happened within a two-year span.  One of the most notable weather events El Niño causes is higher-than-average rain – particularly for Southern California cities.

Areas like Los Angeles that aren’t accustomed to huge amounts of rainfall often experience rain-related complications during El Niño weather events. Too much moisture can cause significant damage to properties.

In Los Angeles, roof leaks are not very common, but when they occur it’s generally because the sun’s harsh rays gradually weaken and wear down shingles. However, with El Niño 2018 rapidly approaching, many commercial building owners will probably deal with unexpected leaks from heavy rainfall.

In 2016, El Niño caused over 1,000 rain-related issues to buildings throughout Southern California. Schools alone made over 170 rain-related service requests in the days following the powerful storm. Most were roof repair requests.

What To Expect This Year

Researchers don’t expect El Niño 2018 to be as intense as the one that occurred in 2015-16. That year was the strongest on record, and it had a notable impact on temperatures all over the world.

Even though this year’s event is unlikely to surpass last year’s, it is still wise to prepare yourself and your properties for higher-than-average rainfall. You should also set some money aside for roof repair, especially if your roof is more than a few years old.

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In the days following El Niño 2018, roofing companies will likely face a backlog of repair and replacement requests. To make sure you receive the service you need as quickly as possible, you may want to put Central Roofing Company on speed dial and contact them as soon as you notice a leak. They service commercial buildings in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and surrounding areas.

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