6 Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Roofing Company

Are you in need of a new roof for your industrial building? Want to learn more about the proper roofing needs that your building has? If so, then you need to hire an industrial roofing company.


Only they have the experience, education, and know-how to see your roofing needs through to the end.


However, you still need to find the right industrial roofing company for the job. There are many out there, but only a few that fit what you need.


See below for several tips you can use in hiring the right commercial and industrial roofing company for the job.



1. Search for Experience


Nothing can replace experience. The commercial roofing company either has experience or they don’t. If it’s the latter, then you want to stay as far away from them as possible.


Both industrial roof repairs and replacements are an elaborate process. They require many different moving parts to build an effective roof that’s braced for the elements.


There are a lot of different obstacles that can occur during that process. If you hire a roofing company with experience, then it’s nothing they haven’t seen before. Additionally, if you have a strict timeline, they will have several recommendations on how to pivot the plans to meet your timeframe.


Make sure that the project manager you’re working with has experience as well. What’s the use in hiring a commercial roofing company with over 40 years’ experience if the project manager only has 1 to 2 years of experience?


2. Hire A Commercial Roofing Company With Insurance


Roofing repair and installation is a risky business. No matter how much experience the company has, there’s always the potential for error or accident.


For that reason, you must hire an commercial roofing company with all the proper insurance requirements. They need coverage such as liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you, their company, and their workers.


The liability insurance will cover any damage that’s caused by a mistake in the installation or repair process. The workers’ compensation will cover any workplace injuries that happen to roof workers while they’re on the job.


If the roofing company you hire doesn’t have proper insurance, then you’re on the hook for all the costs of the damage and injuries that occur.


3. Time-Efficient Services


When you have an industrial roofing need, there’s one important factor that your roofing company needs to consider: your time. It should be the most important thing to them.


The more time that they spend on your roof, the more delays that your company may have in its production, move-in date, and so on.


Be sure to ask each industrial roofing company that you speak with about the estimated timeframe for your project.


Of course, anyone can just throw a date in the air to gain your business. So be sure to ask about concrete steps in their process. What is the timeframe for each stage of the process? What backup plans do they have if it rains or storms on those days?


4. Always Request a Roofing Inspection


You won’t find a price range for repairs, replacements, or installations on an commercial roofing company’s website. Every client has different needs, and those needs will determine the quote that they give you.


The reality is that an industrial roofing company can’t offer you an exact quote until they’ve seen the situation up close.


For example, your current roof might have some water leaks that you weren’t aware of when you initially called in for a quote. They have the trained eye, you don’t.


Make sure to always schedule a roof inspection with the industrial roof company that you wish to hire. That way, the quote is final and there aren’t any unforeseen charges after the service has been performed.


Make sure to always schedule a roof inspection with the industrial roof company that you wish to hire. That way, the quote is final and there aren’t any unforeseen charges after the service has been performed.


5. Create a Budget


Perhaps the main concern for the commercial roofing company that you hire is how they’ll fit with your company’s budget. After all, roofing repairs and replacements usually aren’t a planned expense.


Take the time to create a budget and see what’s realistic for your company’s financial situation. A reputable industrial roofing company will work with you to make sure their services meet a budget you’re comfortable with.


If the total cost is too much for your immediate budget, they might be able to split it up into monthly payments to help you lessen the financial impact on your company.


6. Ask About the Warranty


Any reputable commercial roofing company will be willing to back up their services. They want to ensure that the final product serves their client as advertised.


For that reason, it’s always important to ask about the warranty that your industrial roofing company will offer you.


Make sure that you understand the specific details of the warranty before you sign the dotted line. You want to find a warranty that you’re comfortable with.


How long does the warranty last? What all does it cover? How can you redeem the warranty? How quickly will the roofing company come out to repair the issues that you’re having with your roof?


Consider These Tips While You Shop for the Right Commercial Roofing Company


Now that you’ve seen a plethora of tips to consider while you shop around, you must use them to find the perfect commercial roofing company for your needs.


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For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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