5 Tips for Getting the Best Roof Repair Estimate



No one likes it when they need a roof repair, it usually comes unexpectedly and at the worst possible time. In fact, weather-related damage, including roof damage, costs around $1.5 billion annually. While no one wants roof damage from weather or some kind of accident, it’s a reality for building owners and homeowners across the nation.

roof repair estimateIf you get unlucky and end up with roof damage, you want the damage fixed. You don’t want a bad deal on the work.  There are plenty of commercial roofing companies out there, and unfortunately, there are plenty of BAD commercial roofers out there as well. In order to hire a good, honest, and fair-priced roofer you’re going to need a few things beforehand. Here are 5 Things You Need To Know To Get The Best Roof Repair Estimate.



1. Know the Roof Age



It might seem like an odd concern, but the age of your roof can determine whether a roof repair is the best option. Depending on your roofing system currently in place such as (shingles/metal/single-ply/modified bitumen etc) can give you an idea of how long the roof will last.

But a good rule of thumb to know is most roofs get around 20 years of working life and a bit more if you get lucky.

If your roof is less than a decade old, you want a roof repair estimate because the rest of the roof has so much life left in it.


2. Know the Materials Ahead of Time



This goes hand and hand with your knowing your roofing system. There are many roofing materials, including multiple types of shingles. Knowing what materials your roof needs ahead of time lets you do some basic pricing ahead of time.

With some baseline material pricing in hand, you’re in a better position to evaluate the estimates you get from roofing contractors. You can even ask for estimates based on using those materials


3. Do Research First



Your roof is one of the most essential elements of your home or building.  It’s also one of the most neglected. Unfortunately, the reality is that no one really thinks about their roof until it rains(Although the rain is not what causes damage to your roof in most cases). Get a poorly installed roof and problems will cascade down from it.

Ask other people you know who had roof work done about their contractors. Research the roofing contractors in your area on review sites to see how other customers saw their service quality and work quality. 

Use that information to narrow down a short list of potential options for work on your roof. Once you’ve nailed some roofing companies then take it a step further and make sure the roofing company is qualified to actually conduct a roof repair by checking if they actually hold a roofing license which is not the same as a business license. 


4. Review References



Most contractors can give you a list of references for their recent work which is probably on their website. While any sane businessperson will cherry-pick references for good opinions, it still never hurts to contact those references, if you really want to go all out.   It gives you a chance to ask about crew behavior on-site. Even someone happy with the end result can have legitimate complaints about the way workers behave.


If you don’t then Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews will suffice. 


5. Get Several Estimates



Getting estimates from multiple roofing contractors is one of the best ways you can get the best roof repair estimate. You can compare how the contractors break down their costs, as well as see how those costs line up with your baseline estimates. Fair warning, though, that labor makes a huge portion of most estimates.

You should also prepare for the possibility that the contractors will spot things that make them believe you should replace your roof. While the choice is ultimately yours, you should probably listen if several contractors make that observation.


Parting Thoughts on Getting the Best Roof Repair Estimates



Getting the best roofing repair estimates takes a combination of knowledge about your roof, research about contractors, and time. Once you assemble the information and select contractors, you review the estimates and pick the one that works best for you.

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