5 Awesome Roofing Tools To Make Your Roof Repair Easy

A minor leak on a good-conditioned roof is no big deal, most of the time you can do the roof repair yourself. Here are 5 roofing tools you’ll want to have to make your roof repair project, easy!


1. Ladder/Fall Protection

Obviously, if you’re going up on the roof you’re going to need a ladder. But I would also add fall protection. Whether it’s a flat roof or a low-sloped roof getting on the roof can be dangerous, but having a lightweight harness won’t hassle you with the movement necessary to conduct the repair and yet still protect you from any catastrophic event that may happen. 

At Central Roofing for all of our projects we use the Guardian Fall Protection Kit, it’s lightweight and has everything to get the job done. 

Roof Repair with fall protection

2. Tool Belt

When you’re conducting a roof repair you need to have all the tools you need right then and there. You don’t want to be climbing up and down the ladder to keep getting a tool that you’ll need.  Having a good tool belt that can carry all the tools you need including nails is essential. The tool belt we like is the Bucket Boss with Suspenders.


3. Roofing Knife


Having a retractable utility knife is key to a successful roofing repair or installation. Retractable knives allow you to open and close them with one hand, which helps promote safety by allowing you to steady yourself with your free hand when in off-balance positions. Also, some models get extra points for having a quick-change blade release button to simplify replacing dull blades.


We like the Lennox Tools Utility Knife.

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4. Polyester Fabric Fleece


You’re going to need a good quality fleece to support the seal of the leak that you are repairing. The fleece will further hold and add a protective layer in addition to the sealer. 

We prefer the Rust-oleum roof repair fabric. 


5. Roof Repair Sealant

To accomplish the job you’re going to need a great sealant to repair the roof and have the repair job last a long time. The sealant is what is ultimately going to fix your roof. So choosing the right one and knowing how to apply it our the key factors.

The Roof Repair Sealant we like is the White Mastic Tropical 951 from Tropical Roofing Supply. 


Bonus Tool: Leaf Blower

A leaf blower may be a good tool to have on hand for any roof repair job because before you get started you’d want to clear the area from debris. 

We like the Milwaukee M18 it’s lightweight and easy to handle while you’re on the roof. 



With these essential roofing tools, they’ll make your life a lot easier and get the job done. But remember, a minor roof repair may be something you can handle, if the roof is shoddy or you just don’t feel comfortable going on top of the roof then by all means call a roofing professional. Estimates and inspections are completely free, and you can get a good idea about what is going on with your roof. Be Safe and take care!