5 Important Questions to Ask Before Installing a Skylight

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Did you know exposure to natural light can make you feel calmer, happier, and even more productive at work? Adding a roof skylight to add more natural sunlight into your space can help you achieve just this.

Doing research will help you know what to expect and what you want out of your skylight before starting this project. Here are 5 important questions to ask before installing a skylight roof.

1. Where Would You Install the Skylight?

When you’re considering a skylight, you’ll need to find the perfect place to install it.

Think about how the building sits in comparison to the sunrise and sunset. Position the skylight where you can get the most sun possible during the day.

You’ll also need to take into consideration the position of the building’s rafters. The placement of the rafters will help determine the right place for the skylight.

2. What Qualities Are You Looking For?

There are standard basics you always want to have on your skylight like being weathertight and wind/load resistance. Other standards for your skylight are being energy efficient and can sufficiently reduce sound.

On top of these, you can also opt for additional qualities to customize your skylight. Look into additions like UV coatings and other shading options. You can also customize what kind of materials your roofing expert uses for the project.

3. Do You Want Your Skylight Roof to Be Flat or Have a Dome?

There are different styles you can choose for your new skylight. The most popular types are either flat or dome shape.

Note that most skylights which have a dome will only be available in a thick plastic material. This plastic has a tendency to change colors over time and will need maintenance and cleaning.

If you choose a flat skylight, this will be similar to your normal glass window material. These remain clear longer, but they are more costly.

A dome will be able to have any falling debris such as leaves slide off and to the side of the skylight. You’ll have to clean a flat skylight more often than the alternative.

4. How about a Stationary Skylight or One with a Vent?

Something else you’ll have to decide is whether you would like your skylight to have a vent.

Having a vent on your skylight means you’ll be able to open it to increase natural air circulation throughout the building.

Pricing wise, skylights with vents will likely end up costing you more money for installation. They may also need extra maintenance or work if they start to leak.

5. When Do You Want to Start This Project?

Timing is crucial for this project. You don’t want to begin the project if there’s any chance of rain.

You don’t want any moisture to get into the open roof. Find the driest season for your area to schedule your installation to increase your chances of success.

A Beautiful and Functional Addition

Installing a skylight roof window can be a big project. It’s best to work with a professional so in the end, you are happy with a skylight that adds light, heat, and style to the existing structure.

Central Roof specializes in providing quality roof repair and maintenance as well as skylight and solar panel installation for those in the Gardena, California area.

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