5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Help Keep Your Building in Top Shape

apartment roofing

If you own apartment buildings, you know that it’s not all about the recurring monthly income. There are certain downsides that come with being an apartment building owner.

One of them is a higher overall maintenance compared to single-family units. Of course, this isn’t surprising.

When your building’s boiler breaks, for example, it doesn’t only affect one family. Everyone in your apartment building suffers, which means repairs will cost more.

Lucky for you, there’s one part of your building that doesn’t have to be a headache to fix. Hint: It’s your apartment roofing.

That said, here are five tips to make your apartment roof last and looking good for years.

1. Cleaning Is a Must

Any list of apartment roofing tips is sure to mention regular cleaning. You can’t let dirt and debris stay for too long on your apartment building’s roof. If you do, you risk water damage.

You see, dirt, debris, and other items will cause water to pond on your roof. Over time, that will cause your roofing material to deteriorate. Regular cleaning solves that issue and is a lot cheaper than fixing a water-damaged roof.

2. Fix Damages ASAP

Repairing damage asap is an important part of apartment roof maintenance. Even the strongest apartment roofs aren’t impervious to weather damage. Look out for flashing as it could lead to water leakage.

The good news is flashing is an easy thing to fix the earlier you get on it. Wait longer and you might have to pay for water leakage damage. And that of course, is going to cost you more.

3. Be Proactive

Not only with damages but with preventative roof maintenance. This means partnering with an experienced commercial roofer. They can do a careful inspection of your roof as needed.

Why work with a pro? Sure, you can check your apartment building’s roof yourself. But how do you know for certain that you can identify problem areas?

That’s not going to be a problem if you’re working with trained professionals. They know how to spot problem areas. And they’ll make sure to cover those that may not look like obvious damages.

4. Know Your Roof’s Special Needs

If you have energy-efficient roofs, letting them be isn’t an option. If you don’t clean them, they won’t work as well. And that means you won’t enjoy the energy savings they’re supposed to bring.

Keeping your green roof at peak efficiency also prolongs its lifespan. Remember, the initial cost of a green roof installation isn’t cheap. You have to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

5. Get Good Advice

Some apartment roofing concerns are not potential DIY projects. Yes, you want to save money. But you should leave roofing issues to roofing experts.

Unless you’re a roofing expert yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need someone to give you solid advice. Like in the case of recoating or replacing your current roof.

Don’t save a few bucks only to spend more later on. Experienced apartment roofers will do the job right every time. And they’ll save you from headaches down the line.

Need Help with Apartment Roofing?

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