Featured Projects

Skylights on white industrial roof with many power poles in the background

Sabzeh, LLC / Sun Valley

Location: Sun Valley, CA

Customer: Sabzeh, LLC

Project Size: 28,700 Sq.Ft.

Roofing System: Tropical #921 Polyester-Reinforced Emulsion System

Warranty: 12 Years

White industrial roof with restaurant vents and AC units and buildings in the background

GE Property / Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Customer: GE Property

Project Size: 5,200 Sq.Ft.

Roofing System: Silicone Roof System

Warranty: 15 Years

shiny white industrial roof with man and pole with houses in the hills in the background

Palos Verdes Villa / Rancho Palos Verdes

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Customer: Palos Verdes Villa

Project Size: 19,500 Sq.Ft.

Roofing System: Tropical #924 Silicone Coating Restoration

Warranty: 20 Years